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Anonymous asked:

How long have you & him been a couple? How did youmeet?

We met over a year ago online after I found him on a raw vegan Facebook group. I started coaching him on raw veganism at first and eventually I gave him my phone number to coach him better since I was working a lot at the time and could not use the computer often…and I really wanted to help him succeed as a raw vegan. Fast forward a couple of months and we finally met in New York right before the Woodstock Fruit Festival. The first time he saw me I had over 40 pounds of mangos as a surprise for him! At this point I just really cared for him as a friend. After the festival I stayed in his room for a couple of days and I was very grateful for his kindness. I left New York thinking that he was a great guy and a wonderful friend, however, I was not in love with him yet…that did not happen until we reached the end of our three months traveling in Central America. I realised I had a mayor crush (as did he) in Chetumal, Mexico. When we got to Florida we could not keep our feelings inside (especially me) so we told each other how we felt. We were surprised to find out we both felt the same way! It’s been the best thing that could have happened to me. I love how we took so long to actually get involved with each other on such a deep level and how much we trust and love each other. It is also great that we are both ethical vegans and fruitarians (raw vegans). I love him and he loves me and life is great and fruits are sweet :)
Much love and ripe peaches :) XX :)
Orlin H. González

#love #vegan #rawvegan
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